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Our Approach.

MediaScher is no ordinary player in the industry. We're not just your agency— We're your dedicated partner. We transcend mere collaboration, becoming the architects of your purpose, breathing life into your vision.

Our client relationships aren't transactional, but they're built on genuine connections. We're fully committed to your experience from the very beginning to the triumphant end. In our approach, we tailor the focus uniquely to each project to achieve the most exceptional results.

MM By Morimoto and Montclair Hospitality Group. pastaRAMEN and MediaScher.

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Lights, camera, captivating content! We're not just video producers; we're storytellers who know precisely what your audience craves to see. We're in the business of making videos that not only grab attention but hold it like a magnet.

We craft cinematic stories that aren't just content— They're experiences your audience can't resist engaging with. So, whether you're launching a product, showcasing your company culture, or looking to create a buzz, our video production team is here to make it happen!

HUDSONPOINT Capital in Jersey City, New Jersey. Photo By MediaScher.
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From eye-catching product photography that makes your offerings pop off the screen to professional staff portraits that add a personal touch to your brand, we've got the skills to bring your business vision to life.

Whether you're in the hospitality industry, e-commerce, or any other sector, our lenses are your strategic partners in capturing the essence of what you do. Let's turn your business into a visual masterpiece. Ready to shine a spotlight on success?

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Our social media team is here to ensure that your digital footprint reflects your brand's identity and resonates with your target audience. Our social media services cover everything from content scheduling to analytics tracking— Enabling you to concentrate on other crucial aspects of your business, secure in the knowledge that your online presence is in expert hands.

What sets us apart is our commitment to staying ahead of the curve. We constantly keep a finger on the pulse of ongoing trends and emerging platforms, ensuring that your brand remains fresh and relevant. We're not just trend followers; we're trendsetters, creating innovative and creative ideas to strategize your social media content.

Social Media Management and Strategy Services by MediaScher
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Imagine this: You're navigating the digital landscape, but your website is stuck in the slow lane. Regardless of how fantastic your message is, customers tend to trust brands that invest in themselves.

Your online presence is the secret sauce, and a subpar website can spoil the entire recipe. But fear not! We're here to revitalize your website and invigorate your business with a website that's not only interactive but also visually stunning.

Web Design and Development Services by MediaScher
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When those cookie-cutter stock templates just can't capture your brand, it's time to ditch 'em and get creative! Our design team is like your favorite detectives, but we're on a mission to uncover the real you!

But— We're not just about deep conversations; we're the Picasso of digital design. Logos, brand kits, flyers, social media graphics – you name it, we'll whip it up with a side of extra awesomeness!

Graphic Design Services by MediaScher
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Social media advertising has the ability to deliver highly targeted ads to specific audiences based on demographics, interests, behaviors, and other data points.This is made possible through advanced targeting options that allow us to find users who are similar to your existing customers.

Targeting and customer analytics help drive sales and increase brand awareness. This, in turn, can help boost brand awareness and reputation— Leading to long-term business growth.

Digital Advertising Services by MediaScher
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To keep it plain and simple (because we know you don't want to hear all the unfamiliar jargon) Public Relations a.k.a PR is a way to get you or your brand's name out into the world while creating a desired public image. PR includes media and influencer relations, crisis communications, social media, event planning and execution, speechwriting, and reputation management.

As PR professionals, we identify the most relevant media outlets and journalists for your business, craft a compelling story or angle, and pitch it to them in a persuasive and timely manner. PR is a long-term strategy, not a quick fix— It's a process that requires time, effort, and patience to yield results.

Public Relations (PR) Services by MediaScher
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Mad Rabbit Tattoo and Tyler Scher. Photo By MediaScher.

Content Creation

Our Specialty.

Crafting exceptional content isn't just what we do— It's where we began our journey. Our story began with a passion for visual excellence, and that passion has fueled our growth into a dynamic content powerhouse.

Over the years, we've expanded our horizons while staying true to our craft, delivering engaging and impactful content for a diverse range of clients and industries.

Whether you're looking to showcase your brand, tell your story, or share your message with the world, we’re your trusted partner. Let our legacy of creative excellence bring your vision to life.


Tyler and his team at MediaScher are a bunch of incredibly talented and passionate professionals who have done a great job in helping my company establish a digital presence in my market. We have been using their services for over a year and will continue to do so.
MediaScher was hired by The Reception Center to redo our logo and website. We are extremely happy with our relaunch and receive numerous compliments.  They were very responsive to our changes and are very knowledgeable.  We look forward to continuing our relationship with them.
MediaScher is a top of the line Media Agency.  They are a pleasure to work with. They learn your business and make a unique plan just for you.  They really get to know their clients' business. MediaScher has really come on board as part of the Elite Custom Apparel Team and Family!